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"What is a comp card?" is usually the first question I hear when I address the topic with an actor/model. Which is surprising, given what a great marketing tool it can be. Comp card is short for composite card, which is used by actors and models for commercial print auditions and self-promotion. The size I prefer is 8x5, with a headshot on the front and 3-5 images on the back. The purpose is to show as much variety as possible, so the casting director can envision you as different types. Ideally the images on the back should look like tear sheets from magazine ads.

Comp cards are NOT just for models - every actor should have one as well. Generally, a model’s comp card is editorial (like a spread in Vogue Magazine), while an actor’s comp card is lifestyle (talking on a cell phone or hailing a cab). Fashion work is reserved for models, but there’s a ton of print work for actors.  Advertisers are always looking for attractive, everyday people to sell their products. 

A comp card is an important resource in addition to a headshot. It allows you to introduce yourself to industry professionals in a much more diverse way than with a headshot alone. If you’re looking for a commercial agent, submitting with a comp card will give you a much better chance of meeting them, because you’re showing them a variety of looks. They’ll see you as significantly more likely to book a job, be it print or on camera. If you already have a commercial agent, a comp card will allow them to submit you for print work as well as on camera and voice overs. It opens up an entire new avenue to generate income.


Headshot, Comp Card,  Photography Packages

During your headshot session I’ll take 300  photographs for a composite card of (3-5 looks).  Final selection of   ( 50 images) from your shoot will be uploaded to your private gallery

* ladies make up required ( not included in shoot price )


3 Looks + headshot (  high res images included ) 

 50 comp cards* $150.00

up to 2 hour shoot 

* ladies make up required  ( not included in shoot price )


4 Looks + headshot (  high res images included ) 

 50 comp cards* $150.00

up to 2 hour shoot


 (Unlimited Package)  $975

Your shoot includes photo shoot and at least 100 digital color images in at least four locations (inside and outside). I'm a variety junkie, so you can count on a wide range of looks. 

A week after your shoot, you will get a password-protected link to your photos online. You will be able to email them to friends and agents, post them on Facebook. 

Rush Delivery

For additional $100 (Headshots) (Dancer/Comp Card), you can get your pictures within 48 hours of shooting.


We offer addtional professional retouching at a rate of $40 per headshot. This includes but is not limited to - removing blemishes, evening skin tone, softening lines and wrinkles, brightening the eyes and surrounding area, removing hair flyaways and addressing other hair concerns, whitening teeth, correcting blips in clothing, adjusting the color and brightness of the image so that it really "pops", and more!

Hair and Make-up

Headshots - $150 for women 

Cash is required, which is paid directly to your stylist. I have one of the best make-up artists in the business- I say this without hesitation!  She has years of experience and is wonderful with subtle, natural light make-up (and fantastic with hair)!


Payment options include cash, personal checks. Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover are accepted for an additional 3% processing fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is variety so important?

Don't let your  headshot looks exactly like everyone else’s! Most headshot photographers in New York keep taking the same photograph day after day, year after year. By the time you submit your brand new headshot to agents, they’ve already seen that exact photograph over a thousand times. It’s easy to know if this will happen to you. When you’re reviewing a photographer’s portfolio, can you anticipate what the next image will look like? Do they all have the same background, cropping and lighting? Or does every photograph surprise you? If a headshot doesn’t surprise people, it’s not effective, no matter how cool it looks. It’s very easy to take a cool photograph. What’s difficult is to take a different cool photograph day after day, year after year.  To make every actor’s headshot stand apart from the pile. That’s my intention. 

Do you shoot inside or outside?

 OUTSIDE! I shot in restaurants, coffee shops (Starbucks ALWAYS kicks me out), buses, subways, real estate offices, wine shops, my roof deck, my studio, the park… I am a natural light photographer. 

 We often drive to the locations, so you spend very little time outside when we’re not shooting. Of course, my coffee addiction comes in handy- I always have warm beverages available.  I love evening light is beautiful because the sun is low in the sky. 

What’s a shoot like?

It’s not rocket science. In order to have a great headshot, you need to be relaxed. In order to be relaxed, you need to be having fun. So I make the process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. I like to joke around. I don’t take myself seriously. I am very specific about what I want. I encourage spontaneity, but I’m very directorial. I don’t expect you to know how to perform for the camera- it’s not your job to make me look good. I shoot a ton of shots, I’m always making suggestions and I’m a varietyaholic.

What makes a great headshot?

Terrific actor headshots must have three qualities. They should accurately show what you look like on a great day. They should capture a unique and interesting aspect of your personality. And they should be engaging, creative and original photographs. Without all of these characteristics, a headshot is ineffective.

One main reason I love shooting outside because of natural Light. Natural light is a very honest, beautiful light. You will look like a real person- this is extremely important to agents and casting directors. They usually request natural light photographs because they're tired of meeting actors who don't look anything like their headshots. And when used properly, it is the most flattering light as well, so you will look your best. After all, there's no reason a headshot can't be a beautiful portrait.

Why do I need professional headshots? 

My friend has an SLR and took a photography class. He’ll shoot me for free to build up his book. Maybe I’ll get something I can use.”On the positive side, it’s a great excuse to hang out with a friend, and you never know what can happen that day- you might meet the love of your life or bump into Spike Lee. But you almost certainly won’t get great headshots. So don’t spend the money to reproduce the photos, and don’t email them to professional contacts. The quality will not be great, and as a result you will be considered unprofessional. Most casting directors get hundreds of professional headshots submitted every day. Yours need to be even better, and that won’t happen unless your photographer can do it better. Perhaps one day your friend will be among the best in the industry, and that will be a great time to cash in on the free offer. I’m sure he’ll be happy to honor it :) 

  What's better, horizontal or vertical?Do you shoot 3/4 shots as well as close-ups?

Here's how the submission process works now- your headshot is submitted online, and the casting director scans through hundreds of thumbnails, selectively enlarging the most interesting images. The photographer has to be aware of this process, because if your headshot doesn't look good as a thumbnail, they will rarely choose to enlarge it. Images that look good as thumbnails tend to be tight shots (from the shoulders up). Once a headshot is enlarged, horizontal tends to work a bit better because a computer screen is formatted horizontally. A vertical 3/4 shot is essential to have if your body type, physicality or hair length is important to your castability. Otherwise, keeping it relatively tight works best. That said, since I'm a variety junkie I'll probably shoot a lot of both anyway.

What is the best time of day to shoot?

That depends on the day and the season; I always look for the best start time for each client. When we schedule a date to shoot, keep the entire day open if possible. I will call you the day before to set the time, once I’ve seen the weather report.What’s better, bright sun or an overcast day?They each have their advantages. Overcast light is very flattering and versatile, and sunny days are just plain fun. Oddly enough, my favorite light is foggy and misty, just before or after rain. 

Will it be distracting if people watch me?

If you feel it will be distracting, we can find very private locations.  That said, I don’t remember the last time anyone stopped and watched a shoot. Occasionally they say something funny as they pass by, and that usually leads to a great commercial laughing shot. 

What’s your policy for rescheduling?

Please give me at least 72 hours notice if you need to reschedule; otherwise, you will be subject to loss of your deposit.

Should I hire the makeup artist?

I strongly recommend make-up for everyone. If you don't hire my makeup artist, I cannot guarantee the results of the shoot. Unless you or a friend is a professional makeup artist, you should hire mine. The only reason anyone has ever requested a reshoot is if they don't like their hair and makeup. I now work with a make up artist who I trust completely (and never receive complaints from clients). 

Do you review the photos during the shoot?

If you’d like to see the images, I’m happy to show you; I enjoy the collaborative process. That said, I usually don’t recommend reviewing images during a shoot. It tends to make people self-conscious. Generally the first thing people do when seeing a photo of themselves is to look for the quality they like the least, and obsess over it. That’s a natural and human reaction, but not the best thing for a productive photo session. It’s like watching a scene you’ve just performed, and then trying to do it again without being self-conscious. My process is geared to get you out of your head so you’ll be spontaneous and relaxed- stopping to look usually defeats the purpose. But if you feel you can see yourself objectively rather than emotionally, let’s get crazy. I’m sure you’ll love what you see.

Do I need a comp card?

The short answer is yes, everyone can benefit from a comp card. It helps you get an agent, book print work and make lots of money. Comp cards are not just for models. 

 Where do you shoot?

Orlando has beautiful locations and they do vary all the time...  It can be park, coffee shop or movie theater...  anything goes. 

Do I own the photos? Absolutely. You paid for them. Many photographers won’t release hi resolution photos from your session without additional payment. They say it’s for “quality control,” but really they just want to make backend money by charging you extra fees. It’s like double dipping, and you should be very wary of anyone who won’t give you the photos you’ve hired them to take.

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